Mediterranean Inspiration

Mediterranean Landscape

The  Mediterranean. The very word is a mental vacation and sings of sunny skies and lazy weather, suffused with a simple, friendly way of life. The great cradle of culture, the birthplace of western architecture, a crossroads, a trade route and the original pleasure ground where leisure was invented. No longer just a European dream it's an international symbol of renewal and escapism.  To escape there is pure joy. To live it every day through our brand would be heaven.

It was actually whilst in the Mediterranean, uplifted by the culture, healthy cuisine and stunning scenery, that the idea for Temple Spa was born. Strongly influenced by the warmth, colours, landscape, history and lifestyle of this magnificent region, it inspires our products, ingredients, spa treatments, design and total philosophy.

With a lengthy lifespan and some of the lowest incidences of fatal diseases, Mediterranean’s have become the study of medical and sociological institutes and universities all around the world. The Mediterranean diet and lifestyle is one of the healthiest on earth. A diet that abounds in nutritional benefits along with a lifestyle that is a careful balance between work, rest and play, have been attributed to this healthy existence. Our brand platform is built on this philosophy.

In addition, Mediterranean people are warm, affectionate and passionate. They have a particular rhythm and style. We love that, and it inspires our language, vision and dreams.