Our Heritage & Founders

Our Founders Mark and Liz Warom

European through and through, Temple Spa is ‘made in England’ but has a strong Mediterranean seasoning which influences our ingredients and style inspiration. 

Our development team includes world renowned doctors, herbalists, professors of biochemistry and dermatology from Switzerland, Italy and the UK. Our skin care was first created in laboratories near Lake Geneva, by a leading professor of biochemistry who is also a native of Tuscany. His portfolio boasts some of the worlds leading brands, and he still feels Temple Spa is his best ever work!  We also work with a leading herbalist in Suffolk England who has over 50 years experience dedicated to the study of botanicals.

The business creators and owners are Mark & Liz Warom, whose extensive background in the industry includes the creation and management of high profile global brands. 

“It is not very often that a brand comes across my doorstep that demands immediate attention… Temple Spa is one of  those few. How lovely the products are will keep you coming back for  more.”  John Gustafson (UK’s leading skin and makeup expert)