Body Truffle, 5oz

Luxury Body Moisturiser

A sumptuous body crème that’s hydrating and firming, skin perfecting and beautifying. Sheer luxury.


instantly brightens skin | radiant, lustrous finish | evens skin tone & imperfections | smoothes & softens skin | richly nourishes & hydrates

Great For

All skin types including sensitive.


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Product info

This sumptuous body crème is designed to give you soft-touch, radiant, smoother, firmer and beautifully fragrant skin. The formula combines advanced science and cutting edge ingredients to condition skin, even out skin tone and preserve suppleness & elasticity whilst regulating moisture levels and encouraging skin regeneration. The special light illuminating effects of rose quartz help give your skin an instant glow, softening flaws and illuminating skin. Providing an effect usually achieved by an airbrush, Body Truffle gives the skin we have longed for, skin that truly looks its best.

How to use it