Lovely Day, 1oz

Instant Bronzing Gel

This brilliant product transforms pale, pasty skin in a flash leaving it bronzed and looking beautifully tanned. We call it the great pretender. Washes off when done.


gives an instant even golden tan | moisturises for smooth bronzed skin | the look of a tan without the sun damage | natural finish | long lasting

Great For

All skin types including sensitive.


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Product info

Lovely Day is for those times that you need a golden tan instantly.

If you’ve managed to grab some rays and have beautifully bronzed skin, well good for you! But for most of us it’s handy and healthy to get our sunshine glow from a bottle. Lovely Day provides an instant, golden tan glow that can be used on both the face and body. With its sophisticated sheer formula and unique layering ability you can obtain your desired colour level with ease - a tint or a tan, it's up to you! It’s luscious gel-like texture glides over the skin and is enriched with anti-ageing vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 to leave skin healthy, hydrated, bronzed and oh so good! Have a lovely day!

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How to use it

For an instant golden tan or light glow

  • Exfoliate any dry skin before application as a bronzer can darken excess dry patches.
  • After moisturising body and face, dot onto skin and massage in using upwards and outwards movements. Layer until you get the desired colour. Wash your hands after application, to avoid staining. Now enjoy the compliments!
  • The advanced micro-fine pigments that are used to obtain the beautiful colour of Lovely Day need to be thoroughly cleansed from the pores or washed away. So it’s worth a double cleanse before bed.
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