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Best Face Masks For Spot Prone Skin

By Temple Spa USA 5 days ago 116 Views

Experiencing spot prone skin is likely something we’ve all experience in our lifetime and it’s only becoming more of a problem as our lifestyle changes. For example, the new term ‘maskne’ has crept into our vocabularies which are spots caused from wearing face masks and a surge in serums, treatments and masks to focus on tackling spots and blemish prone skin has only increased our appetites for skincare focused for spot prone skin. There’s a great selection of cleansers, toners and moisturisers from TEMPLESPA that specifically targets spot prone skin, but in this blog post we’ll focus on face masks.

Easy Skincare At Home

By Temple Spa USA 11 days ago 175 Views

Since spending more time at home, we’ve discovered a new easy way to implement our skincare at home with a luxury spa-like twist. It’s what we do best at TEMPLESPA, helping you to ‘spa wherever you are’. Here are our tips, advice and product recommendations for easy skincare at home that boosts your skin and soul health.

Face Masks For Every Skin Type

By Temple Spa USA 21 days ago 224 Views

Face masks can give your skin a good dose of nourishing and hard-working ingredients to help target your skin concerns. Each mask is different on how you apply it, and in this blog we’ll take you through our TEMPLESPA favourites by skin type.

Night Skincare Routine with TEMPLESPA

By Temple Spa USA 1 month ago 132 Views

Here at TEMPLESPA we think a night skincare routine and rituals can help set the tone for your evening ahead. Stick to a familiar routine and they’re the best way to wind down after a busy or stressful day, or a moment where you’ve got that ‘me-time’ slotted in.

Introducing The TEMPLESPA Serum Collection

By Temple Spa USA 1 month ago 348 Views

At first you may think, why do I need a serum? What does a face serum do? We like to think of serums as a super booster for our skin, “serums are our skin of the future” is what we say. They’re liquid forms with high concentrations of ingredients that target your skin concerns. Let us share with you the best TEMPLESPA serums to try and for which skin types and concerns:

What Is A Facial Serum And What Do They Do?

By Temple Spa USA 1 month ago 389 Views

We know the pillars of any good skincare routine are cleanse, tone and moisturise, but what about serums? We’ll be answering all your questions about what is a facial serum, what can serums do for my skin and what kind of facial serum should I use? Because here at TEMPLESPA, we can’t get enough of serums and everything to do with skincare!

Products For Your Skin Care Routine With MY KINDA SKIN

By Temple Spa USA 2 months ago 88 Views

Welcome to MY KINDA SKIN, your new one-stop-shop for targeted cleanser, toner and moisturiser that’s perfect for your skin type.

TEMPLESPA Core Company Values 2021

By Temple Spa USA 2 months ago 397 Views

It’s TEMPLESPA’s 21st birthday this year and what a way to celebrate with all of our lovely customers than to share a few of our core company values with you, as we’ve all come a long way since day one! Our mission statement ‘Your body is a living temple. Honour it, enjoy your life and live it to the full’ still rings true today and across our award-winning and exceptional skincare.

Benefits Of Toner: Why Do I Need A Toner For My Skin Care Routine?

By Temple Spa USA 2 months ago 412 Views

The basics of any good skin care routine start with a great cleanser. Cleansers have been designed to lift away the dirt, makeup and impurities from your skin, but did you know a toner is the finale of your cleansing routine? If you don’t have a toner in your routine, read on.

How To Destress and Unwind

By Temple Spa USA 2 months ago 316 Views

How do you destress and unwind? We’re here to share with you our top tips, advice we’ve learnt from the experts and our product recommendations, all made in the United Kingdom. Bookmark this blog to come back to or share with a friend who you think would find it helpful.