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The Skincare Routine Basics Everyone Should Know

By Temple Spa 18 days ago 196 Views

Our passions for excellence, experience-led and high performing skincare products has led us to win outstanding industry awards and many a fan of TEMPLESPA. We thought now is a great time to share with you some of the skincare routine basics everyone should know.

The Ultimate Winter Body Care Guide

By Temple Spa 23 days ago 144 Views

Welcome to autumn and winter! Two seasons which bring us crisp golden leaves, darker cosier evenings and a chilly drop in temperature, signalling it’s time for warm wooly jumpers, boots, gloves, hats and everything else. But what body care routine can we do in the winter months? Introducing your new winter body care guide – and everything you need to know for keeping your skin in tip top condition!

How Do I Know If I Have Sensitive Skin?

By Temple Spa USA 26 days ago 185 Views

Sensitive skin is a skin type that some people may experience in their lifetime, you know the feeling of tightness, dryness, itching and general irritation. There are many questions around sensitive skin, is it something that can happen to anyone at any time? Are there some ingredients or products that I should avoid for sensitive skin? And the biggest question of all, how do I know if I have sensitive skin?

What’s The Best Skincare For Dry Skin?

By Temple Spa 2 months ago 496 Views

If your skin is looking a little on the drier side and in need of serious hydration, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll be answering your questions about what’s the best moisturizer for dry skin, which cleanser is for dry skin and how to treat dry skin on your face.

How To Build The Best Night Skin Care Routine

By Temple Spa 2 months ago 398 Views

The key differences between our morning and night time skin care routines are the different steps and products. When we’re applying our morning skin care routine our aim is to awaken our skin and prepare it for makeup or just the day ahead!

Fall Beauty Skincare Routines, Products & Tips

By Temple Spa USA 2 months ago 289 Views

The crisp sounds of fall autumn leaves, the cooler and darker evenings and the whispers of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the horizon. We love the changing of seasons at TEMPLESPA, the newness of another season, more things to plan in the diary and launching our Christmas collection all adds to the excitement.

In this blog we’ll be sharing our top fall autumn beauty skincare routines, products and tips that you may not have thought of. We’re faced with a changing of climates that can affect the appearance of our skin easily so an update, swap or addition to our skincare routines is a must.

How To Layer Skincare

By Temple Spa USA 3 months ago 325 Views

By now we can all understand the best skincare routines for us and which order of skincare products to follow with. So what about layering your skincare?

How To Exfoliate Your Face

By Temple Spa USA 3 months ago 378 Views

Did you know that exfoliating is a key step in any skincare routine? In this blog we’re going to share how often you should exfoliate your skin, which TEMPLESPA products are the best face exfoliators and just how you can achieve glowing healthy skin.

What Is A Cleanser And What Do They Do?

By Temple Spa USA 3 months ago 431 Views

They’re the essential first step to every skincare routine, but what is a cleanser and what do they do? We’ll breakdown and share our insider knowledge of what the function of a cleanser is, how to choose the right skin cleanser for you and when you need to cleanse your skin. And if you’re a fan of TEMPLESPA, then you’re in luck because we have the best facial cleansers from our skincare assortment just waiting for you.

The Best Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin

By Temple Spa USA 4 months ago 430 Views

There are many reasons for what can be causing dull skin such as a lack of exfoliation, vitamin C and hydration. You’ll notice dull skin appears dry, has a rough texture and can even be affected by hormonal changes and the differences in the seasons. Here are a few of our easy steps on how to make your skin glow: