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How To Layer Skincare

By Temple Spa USA 13 days ago 177 Views

By now we can all understand the best skincare routines for us and which order of skincare products to follow with. So what about layering your skincare?

How To Exfoliate Your Face

By Temple Spa USA 18 days ago 146 Views

Did you know that exfoliating is a key step in any skincare routine? In this blog we’re going to share how often you should exfoliate your skin, which TEMPLESPA products are the best face exfoliators and just how you can achieve glowing healthy skin.

What Is A Cleanser And What Do They Do?

By Temple Spa USA 22 days ago 264 Views

They’re the essential first step to every skincare routine, but what is a cleanser and what do they do? We’ll breakdown and share our insider knowledge of what the function of a cleanser is, how to choose the right skin cleanser for you and when you need to cleanse your skin. And if you’re a fan of TEMPLESPA, then you’re in luck because we have the best facial cleansers from our skincare assortment just waiting for you.

The Best Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin

By Temple Spa USA 1 month ago 287 Views

There are many reasons for what can be causing dull skin such as a lack of exfoliation, vitamin C and hydration. You’ll notice dull skin appears dry, has a rough texture and can even be affected by hormonal changes and the differences in the seasons. Here are a few of our easy steps on how to make your skin glow:

How Can I Get Rid Of Stretch Marks?

By Temple Spa USA 2 months ago 294 Views

Our bodies are all beautiful and brilliant in their own way – and we love to support that at TEMPLESPA. Product recommendations and beauty tips are some of the most common questions we get asked, so we’re taking to our blog to knock another helpful answer out of the park!

Summer Bodycare Routine

By Temple Spa USA 2 months ago 371 Views

Be inspired with your summer bodycare routine with our latest blog post, sharing everything you need to know about feeling and looking the best version of you. From the best body exfoliators to top body moisturisers and tips to stay cool, we’ve got it all at TEMPLESPA to feel confident and summer-ready with us.

What Is A Moisturizer And What Do They Do?

By Temple Spa USA 3 months ago 469 Views

Moisturizers follow after a cleanser and toner in your skincare routine and are generally the last step before an SPF for protection. They’re generally a cream or gel texture and they sit on the top layer of your skin to hydrate, retain moisturise (duh!) and protect your skin. They also work perfectly as a primer for your makeup by creating a smooth and even base.

Building Your Best Skincare Routine

By Temple Spa USA 3 months ago 431 Views

The skincare and beauty world can be a little overwhelming and if you’re starting out with a new skincare routine, it’s hard to know which products to begin with and what is the best skincare routine order. In this blog we’ll share with you the pillars of any great skincare routine and a few TEMPLESPA product recommendations to try.

What Is A Glycolic Acid Toner And What Are The Benefits?

By Temple Spa USA 3 months ago 568 Views

Glycolic acid can sound scary right? But actually the list of the benefits of glycolic acids and how widely they’re used goes on and on. On this blog post we’ll be sharing the best-selling TEMPLESPA GLOWCOLIC Multi-Acid Exfoliating Toner and all of the benefits of glycolic acid for your skin.

How To Look After Your Hands

By Temple Spa USA 4 months ago 227 Views

Our hands go through the works every day and more so now than ever before, thanks to more stringent hand washing and hygiene. Extra washing and hand sanitizers can cause the skin to become dry, irritated and sensitive. We think our hands are worthy of a round of applause with all the extra work they go through! We’ve got the best guide to looking after your hands, tips to prevent dryness and keep your hands feeling and looking healthy and happy again. Once our hands protective barrier is damaged, it needs a helping hand from TEMPLESPA