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Top 10 Beauty Tips You Didn’t Know About

By Temple Spa USA 4 months ago 643 Views

Each and every day we think is a brilliant opportunity to learn something new and with over 21 years in the skincare industry, here at TEMPLESPA we have one or two new beauty tips to share with you. Beauty tips are super useful to know and store because you never know when they may come in use and they may just take your skincare routine from great to amazing.

Everyday Beauty And Wellbeing Essentials For Your Desk

By Temple Spa USA 4 months ago 579 Views

The past year has brought us to our home offices, creating spaces dedicated for work but where does beauty and wellbeing fit into this? In our blog post we’ll be sharing what beauty and wellbeing essentials are sitting on our desk, the ones we can’t live without and which you should be adding to yours ASAP.

Best Eye Creams For Dark Circles Guide

By Temple Spa USA 4 months ago 482 Views

You may be wondering; do I need a specialist eye cream for my skin care routine and what’s the best eye cream for dark circles? We always recommend having an essential eye cream in your collection to target specific concerns around the eyes. Plus, skin around your eyes is commonly thinner and where dark circles, puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles appear.

Do I Need A Neck Gel?

By Temple Spa USA 5 months ago 467 Views

Think about how often you apply skin care to your neck and pay it extra attention, not often is it? Our neck area is one of the common areas where ageing shows first, which is why we’re here to tell you all the reasons why you need a neck gel.

Top Tips For Anti-Ageing Skincare Routines

By Temple Spa USA 5 months ago 554 Views

Across the TEMPLESPA product range, you’ll find anti-ageing ingredients packed into our award-winning products. We believe your skin health is about looking after the best version of yourself, not perfect but your best temple. In this blog, we’ll share the best anti-ageing skin care, our expert tips to include in your skin care routines and why the best time to help your skin is now.

Best Face Masks For Spot Prone Skin

By Temple Spa USA 5 months ago 499 Views

Experiencing spot prone skin is likely something we’ve all experience in our lifetime and it’s only becoming more of a problem as our lifestyle changes. For example, the new term ‘maskne’ has crept into our vocabularies which are spots caused from wearing face masks and a surge in serums, treatments and masks to focus on tackling spots and blemish prone skin has only increased our appetites for skincare focused for spot prone skin. There’s a great selection of cleansers, toners and moisturisers from TEMPLESPA that specifically targets spot prone skin, but in this blog post we’ll focus on face masks.

Easy Skincare At Home

By Temple Spa USA 6 months ago 523 Views

Since spending more time at home, we’ve discovered a new easy way to implement our skincare at home with a luxury spa-like twist. It’s what we do best at TEMPLESPA, helping you to ‘spa wherever you are’. Here are our tips, advice and product recommendations for easy skincare at home that boosts your skin and soul health.

Face Masks For Every Skin Type

By Temple Spa USA 6 months ago 527 Views

Face masks can give your skin a good dose of nourishing and hard-working ingredients to help target your skin concerns. Each mask is different on how you apply it, and in this blog we’ll take you through our TEMPLESPA favourites by skin type.

Night Skincare Routine with TEMPLESPA

By Temple Spa USA 6 months ago 433 Views

Here at TEMPLESPA we think a night skincare routine and rituals can help set the tone for your evening ahead. Stick to a familiar routine and they’re the best way to wind down after a busy or stressful day, or a moment where you’ve got that ‘me-time’ slotted in.

Introducing The TEMPLESPA Serum Collection

By Temple Spa USA 6 months ago 597 Views

At first you may think, why do I need a serum? What does a face serum do? We like to think of serums as a super booster for our skin, “serums are our skin of the future” is what we say. They’re liquid forms with high concentrations of ingredients that target your skin concerns. Let us share with you the best TEMPLESPA serums to try and for which skin types and concerns: