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April 2021

Best Face Masks For Spot Prone Skin

By Temple Spa USA 5 months ago 499 Views

Experiencing spot prone skin is likely something we’ve all experience in our lifetime and it’s only becoming more of a problem as our lifestyle changes. For example, the new term ‘maskne’ has crept into our vocabularies which are spots caused from wearing face masks and a surge in serums, treatments and masks to focus on tackling spots and blemish prone skin has only increased our appetites for skincare focused for spot prone skin. There’s a great selection of cleansers, toners and moisturisers from TEMPLESPA that specifically targets spot prone skin, but in this blog post we’ll focus on face masks.

Easy Skincare At Home

By Temple Spa USA 6 months ago 523 Views

Since spending more time at home, we’ve discovered a new easy way to implement our skincare at home with a luxury spa-like twist. It’s what we do best at TEMPLESPA, helping you to ‘spa wherever you are’. Here are our tips, advice and product recommendations for easy skincare at home that boosts your skin and soul health.