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June 2021

How To Look After Your Hands

By Temple Spa USA 4 months ago 228 Views

Our hands go through the works every day and more so now than ever before, thanks to more stringent hand washing and hygiene. Extra washing and hand sanitizers can cause the skin to become dry, irritated and sensitive. We think our hands are worthy of a round of applause with all the extra work they go through! We’ve got the best guide to looking after your hands, tips to prevent dryness and keep your hands feeling and looking healthy and happy again. Once our hands protective barrier is damaged, it needs a helping hand from TEMPLESPA

Top 10 Beauty Tips You Didn’t Know About

By Temple Spa USA 4 months ago 643 Views

Each and every day we think is a brilliant opportunity to learn something new and with over 21 years in the skincare industry, here at TEMPLESPA we have one or two new beauty tips to share with you. Beauty tips are super useful to know and store because you never know when they may come in use and they may just take your skincare routine from great to amazing.

Everyday Beauty And Wellbeing Essentials For Your Desk

By Temple Spa USA 4 months ago 579 Views

The past year has brought us to our home offices, creating spaces dedicated for work but where does beauty and wellbeing fit into this? In our blog post we’ll be sharing what beauty and wellbeing essentials are sitting on our desk, the ones we can’t live without and which you should be adding to yours ASAP.