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July 2021

What Is A Moisturizer And What Do They Do?

By Temple Spa USA 3 months ago 469 Views

Moisturizers follow after a cleanser and toner in your skincare routine and are generally the last step before an SPF for protection. They’re generally a cream or gel texture and they sit on the top layer of your skin to hydrate, retain moisturise (duh!) and protect your skin. They also work perfectly as a primer for your makeup by creating a smooth and even base.

Building Your Best Skincare Routine

By Temple Spa USA 3 months ago 432 Views

The skincare and beauty world can be a little overwhelming and if you’re starting out with a new skincare routine, it’s hard to know which products to begin with and what is the best skincare routine order. In this blog we’ll share with you the pillars of any great skincare routine and a few TEMPLESPA product recommendations to try.

What Is A Glycolic Acid Toner And What Are The Benefits?

By Temple Spa USA 3 months ago 568 Views

Glycolic acid can sound scary right? But actually the list of the benefits of glycolic acids and how widely they’re used goes on and on. On this blog post we’ll be sharing the best-selling TEMPLESPA GLOWCOLIC Multi-Acid Exfoliating Toner and all of the benefits of glycolic acid for your skin.