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Building Your Best Skincare Routine

By Temple Spa USA 3 months ago 432 Views

The skincare and beauty world can be a little overwhelming and if you’re starting out with a new skincare routine, it’s hard to know which products to begin with and what is the best skincare routine order. In this blog we’ll share with you the pillars of any great skincare routine and a few TEMPLESPA product recommendations to try.

Our skin goes through a lot on a daily basis, factoring in makeup, SPF, touching our face and pollution amongst many others. A regular skincare routine will help your skin feel supported, help repair any damage and keep it looking and feeling healthy and fresh.

An average skin cycle can be anything from 2-6 weeks, as a rule of thumb we’d recommend trying a 28 day cycle to see any noticeable difference in your skin from the new products you’ve been trying. As always if you experience any irritation or discomfort from using a new product, then discontinue use immediately.

Let’s get into it, what do I need in my skincare routine?


The first step of both your morning and evening skincare routines is a cleanser. This product is designed to lift away oils, dirt, makeup and SPF trapped on your skin. One cleanse in the morning with a cream or gel cleanser is great but follow through with a double cleanse in your night skincare routine. We’d recommend picking a balm cleanser as your first cleanse to really effectively help remove makeup, SPF etc. from the day and then a lighter cream or gel as a second cleanse to remove any last traces. Adjust your cleanser by your skin type and its needs.

TEMPLESPA Recommendations

IN THE BEGINNING Deep Cleansing Melt, $48

DUAL ACT Wet & Dry Cleansing Lotion, $34

GOOD TO GO Creamy Foaming Cleanser, $34

WAY TO GO Cleansing Gel Wash, $34

BE GONE Kind-Hearted Cleansing Crème, $34


You’ll find two types of exfoliators in a skincare routine; physical and chemical. We’ll start with physical which are the types of exfoliators which have grains or pieces which you can feel when you scrub your skin. These are great for giving your skin a real deep cleanse and buffing away dead skin cells, but if your skin is on the sensitive side you may want to try a chemical exfoliator. You’ll commonly find these in a toner liquid form, as a chemical exfoliator can use gentle acids to exfoliate the skin instead. How often you exfoliate is down to your skin, for most skin types 2-3 weeks is suffice and it always follows after cleansing.

TEMPLESPA Recommendations

BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE Gentle Exfoliator, $45

THE POWER BREAKFAST Nutritious Scrub & Mask In One, $45

GLOWCOLIC Multi-Acid Exfoliating Toner, $32


A fun part of building your own skincare routine is choosing a mask to use! These products are a concentrated formula with a specific skin goal in mind, such as breakouts, dryness and anti-ageing. Finding the right face mask for your skin can dramatically change how it looks and feels, so pick wisely by your skin type and concern. We’d recommend adding a mask once a week into your skincare steps and remember to stay consistent with them.

TEMPLESPA Recommendations

PURIFICATION Deep Cleansing Mask, $45

TRUFFLESQUE Hydrating Radiance Mask, $88

BECALM Soothing Face Mask, $45

QUENCH Rejuvenating Mask, $45


This step is sometimes underrated by many people but adding a toner into your daily skincare routine does more than what you think it does. A toner is finishing off any last traces of cleanser or mask left behind, as well as refreshing, refining and balancing your skin’s pH. If you’ve already used an exfoliating toner you can skip this step, but day-to-day a toner will do so much good for your skin. Plus a TEMPLESPA favourite can actually double up as a facial mist too!

TEMPLESPA Recommendations

TONING ESSENCE Essential Mist Tonic Without The Alcohol, $26

EASY ON THE EYE Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover & Soothing Eye Solution, $26


At this part of your skincare routine is where it gets fancy and you can try different serums together. We’d advise picking a main skin concern and researching the best serum for the job. Serums are generally liquid form and smaller in molecule weight so they can reach the lower levels of your skin more easily, all that cleansing and exfoliating will help your serum reach where it needs to be!

You can layer your serums, just pick the serum with the thinnest texture first and leave a time between each one for your skin to absorb. A serum is designed to support the skin and works best when used regularly across a period of time, so stay consistent with this skincare routine step.

TEMPLESPA Recommendations

BE STRONG Skin Strengthening Serum, $64

BE CLEAR Skin Correcting Serum, $64

BE FIRM Skin Lifting Serum, £64

TRUFFLELIXIR Super Luxe Luminosity Serum, $120

Eye Cream

We treat our eye area differently in our skincare routines because the skin is much thinner and delicate, so is more prone to damage from pulling and tugging. An eye cream will make a great different to the texture and appearance of your skin, plus added anti-ageing benefits to blur the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. The best way to apply an eye cream is adding a small amount to your ring finger, pressing both ring fingers together then gentling tapping it in and around the eye area until absorbed.

TEMPLESPA Recommendations

EYE TRUFFLE 24-Hour Eye Rejuvenation, $104

WINDOWS OF THE SOUL Hydrating Eye Treatment Gel-Cream, $48


Like your cleanser and toner, a moisturizer is a key pillar in any skincare routine order. We’d recommend picking a moisturizer based on your skin type and needs, for example oilier skin would need a lighter texture that absorbs excess oil rather than drier skin types that would need a heavier cream to replace lost oils from the day. For a night skincare routine, you may want something richer and full of vitamins and ingredients to support and repair your skin. A facial oil is a great night treatment too!

Apply your chosen moisturizer across your face and neck, massaging in until fully absorbed. Follow up with an SPF on top and your skincare routine is complete!

TEMPLESPA Recommendations

DOUBLE CREAM Hydrating Moisturiser, $61

MOISTURE TO GO Balancing Moisturiser, $61

MOISTURE MATTE Mattifying Moisturiser, $61

BE STILL Settling Moisturiser, $61

SKIN TRUFFLE Ultra Radiance Moisturiser, $144

TRUFFLE NOIR 24-Hour Skin Rejuvenation, $144

REPOSE Relaxing Night Cream, $64

IT’S ALL GOOD Nutritious Boost Facial Oil, $48

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