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How To Exfoliate Your Face

By Temple Spa USA 18 days ago 147 Views

Did you know that exfoliating is a key step in any skincare routine? In this blog we’re going to share how often you should exfoliate your skin, which TEMPLESPA products are the best face exfoliators and just how you can achieve glowing healthy skin.

Why do I need to exfoliate my skin?

Your skin is constantly renewing itself, producing new skin cells in the deeper layers of your skin to work their way to the top layers of your skin. Your newer skin cells reach the top layers of your skin and if there’s a layer of dead skin cells still sitting at the top, they can’t push their way through.

It’s the process of exfoliating away those dead skin cells to make way for the newer, leaving skin fresh and radiant! If you leave your skin without exfoliating then over time your complexion can appear dull and tired plus, it can affect efficiency the rest of your skincare routine.

What is a face exfoliator?

Across the industry and in the TEMPLESPA assortment, there are two common types of face exfoliator; chemical and physical. The physical exfoliants are the scrubs with pieces, muslin cloths and cleansing brushes – imagine the physical act of sloughing off those dead skin cells!

A chemical exfoliant for the face are based on enzymes or acids, these are popular and clever formulas that encourage dead skin cells to unlink from the skin, where they’re attached to and helps to release them. If your skin feels more sensitive, you may prefer chemical over physical exfoliators, and don’t worry the word ‘chemical’ might seem daunting for sensitive skin but choose the right gentle acids and your skin can enjoy exfoliating too.

How often should I exfoliate my face?

It’s an age-old question about how often you should exfoliate your skin and where it fits between the pillars of cleanse, tone and moisturise. You should exfoliate between your cleanser and toner and we wouldn’t recommend exfoliating every day.

Our skin varies by skin types and concerns so what exfoliator may work for you doesn’t work for others. We’d advise going with a gentle exfoliator and only once or a few times per week, depending on your skin type. Keep checking in with your skin’s response to exfoliating, anything irritant should be discontinued immediately and settled with other skincare products, otherwise trying using your chosen product for 28 days to see the results.

Which are the best face exfoliators from TEMPLESPA?

We thought you’d never ask! Below is a selection of exfoliators across the different types, the best exfoliator for which skin types and how they can fit into your skincare routine.

GLOWCOLIC Resurfacing Toner, $32

Our clever exfoliating toner formula uses AHAs glycolic, mandelic and lactic acids to work to break the bonds of which dead skin cells are holding onto the skin with, to lift them clean away from your skin. A super gentle exfoliating formula that can be added easily to your skin a few times per week, a great exfoliator for sensitive skin.

TAKE IT OFF Muslin Cleansing Cloth, $8

Go for that extra polishing exfoliating action with a muslin cloth, a classic and well-loved option to remove your cleanser, make up and such from the day. Simply run it under warm water, wring it out and then use a circular motion to ‘polish’ off your cleanser.

IN THE BEGINNING Deep Cleansing Melt, $48

Merging cleansing and exfoliating in one, this is a great option to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells and leave skin looking hydrated and brighter in one. Our award-winning exfoliating cleanser has a unique buttery crystalline texture that melts as you massage it in, turning into a creamy balmy texture to leave skin feeling soft and smooth to touch.

BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE Gentle Exfoliator, $45

A perfect way to quickly achieve that glowing-facial look is with our BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE. A creamy exfoliator that’s both chemical and physical as the oats gently polish away uneven skin texture and hydrate, while fruit extracts like papaya, apple, pear and strawberry act as AHAs to nibble away at dead skin cells. Great for a few times a week or a daily morning cleanse for skin that’s adjusted to exfoliating – as the name would suggest!

THE POWER BREAKFAST Nutritious Scrub & Mask In One, $45

This is the big brother of BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE, a super charged medley of fruits (your AHAs again!) walnut shell powder and oats to deeply exfoliate the skin. THE POWER BREAKFAST is TEMPLESPA’S best exfoliating scrub that doubles up as a deep cleansing mask too. For dull skin that needs rebalancing and decongesting, this hardworking exfoliator gets to work fast! Massage in with a little water to get the exfoliation movement going.

And know you know everything about how to exfoliate your face, the best face exfoliators and the glowing results you can get. We hope you enjoyed our post!