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Masks 101 Part 1

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As well as being a relaxing pampering treat, facials play a key role in achieving healthy, youthful looking skin and we all love the radiant glow that you leave with so why not recreate that magic at home tonight, after all, we all deserve some me-time.

Types of masks

Facial masks are designed to suit specific skin types and treat a range of skin conditions. There are a plethora of masks with a variety of textures from sheet masks to cream masks. If you have dry skin a hydrating mask can help to moisturise and smooth or for oily and congested skin a clay mask can draw out impurities, purify and deep cleanse the skin.

Most masks are formulated to stay on skin for up to 20 mins but leave-on masks can be left on overnight to penetrate skin and provide deep moisture. These masks will not contain any harsh active ingredients such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid but may be formulated with antioxidants to leave skin looking radiant and glowing come morning time.

There are seven hydrating, detoxifying, radiance boosting, soothing, firming and lifting face masks within The Temple Spa range. They treat a range of skin concerns and come in an array of textures from cream to sheet meaning whatever your preference and skin need there will be a mask for you!

To help narrow down your options we will give a rundown of each mask and their key benefits, today we’ll look at 4 of our favourite masks for dry, dull, lacklustre or ageing complexions:

The Thirst Quencher

Best for: Dry or dull skin

This creamy youth restoring mask is like a drink for the skin, literally saturating it with goodness. Quench has a rich texture and nutritious formula packed with moisturising Mediterranean ingredients of avocado oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and apricot which nourish, smooth and soften skin. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E infuse the skin with antioxidants and leave skin plump, soft and radiant.


The Rejuvenator and Remodeller

Best for: those concerned about ageing, dull or lacklustre skin.

The Contourist is like magic in sheet form. It wraps snuggly around your face and infuses skin with an advanced, skin perfecting serum with anti-ageing Mediterranean extracts of pomegranate, red clover, liquorice and Vitamin C. This combination helps to sculpt and define facial contours, while brightening, lifting, and targeting wrinkles. Sculpt essence helps to lift and hydrate the skin from within and the genius peptide, Snap-8, helps relax expression lines, illuminates and brightens. Your will feel firmer, tightened, smooth and glowing with radiance.


The Facial in a Flash

Best for: dull, lacklustre skin, those short on time that want immediate results.

The Big Reveal, a high-tech glycolic facial peel that offers a liquid facial in a flash. It miraculously lifts away dead skin cells and surface debris transforming dull, lacklustre skin into bright, glowing skin in just one minute. The advanced formula leaves skin unbelievably smooth, clear and gloriously radiant with renewed luminosity.


With wedding season fast approaching we’d love to know which mask is your favourite to help your skin look its best?