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Products For Your Skin Care Routine With MY KINDA SKIN

By Temple Spa USA 8 months ago 391 Views

Welcome to MY KINDA SKIN, your new one-stop-shop for targeted cleanser, toner and moisturiser that’s perfect for your skin type.

What Do I Need In My Skin Care Routine?

To begin with the basic steps of any skin care routine. Every good skincare routine starts with your cleanser. Its main purpose is to cleanse away makeup, dirt, excess oil and impurities from your skin throughout the day. It’s important to cleanse both morning and night but add a double cleanse in the evening as we wear makeup and SPF during the day which can become embedded in the skin and our pores.

Next step with have a liquid toner, designed to lift away any final traces of cleanser and anything it has missed and leave your skin feeling toned, clean and refreshed. Our hero toner makes sure your skin is hydrated and clean with an even skin tone ready for your moisturiser and makeup application.

Lastly we have a moisturiser to replenish lost moisture, plump the skin and leave it feeling smooth and nourished. A moisturiser’s function is to retain water for the outermost layers of the skin, maintain a balance and repair any dryness or targeted concerns.

How Do I Choose Skin Care Products For My Skin Type?

We've broken down each skin type and build a skin care routine for each with a cleanser, toner and moisturiser in MY KINDA SKIN.

Starting with our Dry Skin Essentials, a Dry Skin Type will feel tight with a rough texture and dry and flaky patches and appear dull. We've paired you with IN THE BEGINNING, our luxe balm cleanser with hydrating Mediterranean ingredients, TONING ESSENCE to refresh, tone and even skin's surface and DOUBLE CREAM our best dry skin moisturiser that's full of rich and nourishing ingredients.

For those with an Oily Skin Type often experiences breakouts, large pores and struggle with makeup not slipping off throughout the day, we love our Oily Skin Essentials. Featuring WAY TO GO, a super lightweight refreshing gel cleanser, TONING ESSENCE to help refine pores and MOISTURE MATTE, our super absorbent moisturiser that banishes oily patches and acts as a wonderful primer for makeup too!

If your skin is ticking boxes for both oily and dry, let us introduce you to our Combination Skin Type and essentials. DUAL ACT is your cleanser of choice as it cleverly hydrates dry patches and balances the oilier areas, TONING ESSENCE is the must-have toner for refreshing and refining the skin and finished with our facial moisturiser MOISTURE TO GO that equally balances the oily and dry areas with nourishing goodness.

Not forgetting Sensitive Skin Type, where you've found your skin can become irritated and react to various changes in your routine. We suggest our Sensitive Skin Essentials award-winning BE GONE cleanser with a blend of pre and probiotics that help support your skin's microbiome and structure. Alongside TONING ESSENCE for a soothing and calming treatment and our prebiotic BE STILL moisturiser that immediately helps to settle and hydrate the skin.

We hope you've found your perfect match with MY KINDA SKIN - and don't forget to tag us on social media with which kit you've chosen!