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Summer Vacation Skincare Advice

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Vacation Skincare - Prep and Pack

Looking great on holiday takes a bit of organisation no matter where you’re going, whether it’s a long weekend away in the city or a dreamy vacation on the beach.

There’s a couple of quick fixes to get your skin in tip-top condition before you go and it will pay you back big time by looking healthy and glowing.

A buff and polish up top-to-toe will have you on the plane looking fresh and super smooth. Start a week before you go with a daily facial exfoliation with our delicious BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE gentle facial exfoliator and a good rub down all over your body with SUGAR BUFF Mediterranean body scrub – will slough off dead skin cells that make the surface of the skin dull and dry and reveal a brighter fresher looking you.

Pack multi-tasking products that double up and save space. DUAL ACT our wet and dry cleansing lotion is a great choice for holiday cleansing as it can be used as a wash off or tissue off cleanser, so great when water is in short supply.

In-flight Skin Hydration

Try and travel foundation free to give your skin the chance to breathe while up in the air. Plane environments have reduced oxygen levels and low humidity; believe it or not a long haul flight can be as dry as the Sahara desert. Keep your moisturiser with you and reapply during the flight – even a short hop can rob your skin of essential moisture, leaving it dehydrated and dull.

MOISTURE TO GO our award winning balancing moisturiser is a great flight companion. Super light and multitasking to deal with the drier areas as well as the oily, so if your skin is prone to changes this will adjust to suit, during the flight and your holiday. Our cute mini tube of ALL TALK TRAVEL moisturising lip balm will keep your lips smooth and chap free too.On the flight, top up your hydration levels, drink plenty of water regularly and save the celebrations for when you land - avoid alcohol, hard we know when you’re in the holiday mood.If your flight is long haul and you need to get some sleep pack a jar of REPOSE aromatherapy face and neck cream. With a blend of 11 essential oils plus hops and valerian botanical extracts it will make sure you nod off in no time. Apply a thicker layer and this multitalented formula doubles as a sleep mask ensuring you wake fresh, rested and radiant.

Vacation Skin Saviours

Our award winning multi-tasking PEACE BE STILL luxury body moisturiser is the go-to holiday body moisturiser doubling up as cooling after-sun too. Deliciously lightweight, soothing and quickly absorbed. With its cocktail of vitamin B5 and essential oils of nutmeg, lemon and coriander it will always leave you and your skin feeling at peace.

Home Safe

Keep your holiday glow going with our QUENCH anti-ageing face mask – this Echinacea infused mask restores skin hydration levels, plumps and leaves a rosy glow. And if perhaps you laid in the sun for a bit too long it will help bring your skin back to life.