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What Is A Facial Serum And What Do They Do?

By Temple Spa USA 1 month ago 389 Views

We know the pillars of any good skincare routine are cleanse, tone and moisturise, but what about serums? We’ll be answering all your questions about what is a facial serum, what can serums do for my skin and what kind of facial serum should I use? Because here at TEMPLESPA, we can’t get enough of serums and everything to do with skincare!

A facial serum is a runny, liquid product that contains a high concentrating of ingredients. Think of them as a super boost for your skin! They’re generally smaller in molecule weight so can absorb into the layers of your skin quicker. Facial serums are designed to encourage changes in your skin, so think about what your skin concern is. Where there’s a skin concern, there’s a serum to help.

Serums come after your toner or essence but before your moisturiser and are applied to dry skin. Moisturisers act as a protective layer for your skin, they sit on the top layer and block your skin of absorbing anything else, so a serum needs to be before. You can layer your serums, adding different types like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, start with the one with the thinnest texture so it has the best chance of reaching the layers of your skin!

You’re best matched to a serum by skin type and skin concern, so what kind of face serum should I use?

  • I have dullness and want something that’ll add a glow: vitamin C will be an ingredient to look out for!
  • I have dehydrated skin that needs hydration: you’ll love hyaluronic acid, a small molecule that can easily work its way through to reach your skin’s layers
  • I’m seeing more fine lines and wrinkles: try a low retinol serum, do your research on this ingredient and always remember to apply SPF during the day when using retinol!
  • My skin is less plump and firm: spot peptides in ingredient lists that help to encourage collagen production in your skin
  • I can see age spots and pigmentation: antioxidant ingredients will be ones to spot, think vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A

Serums are best used over a course of a few weeks, we say “Serums are the skin of your future” so if you don’t see instant results from then preserver. If you experience irritation or extreme reactions, then discontinue use immediately. Check with your chosen serum on how often to use your serum, if you’re unsure use a few times a week and build up your skin’s tolerance.

Browse the TEMPLESPA serum collection and see which one is your best fit! Contact us on social media if you’re unsure, our team of experts are on hand to help you.