In Good Spirits, 3.3oz

Energising Aromatherapy Bath & Massage Oil

A professional stimulating and reviving massage oil that can also be added to the bath for a refreshing dip.


helps raise energy levels | intensely hydrates skin | revitalises & invigorates body & mind

Great For

Dry, lacklustre skin.


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Product info

This luxurious treatment oil will restore your equilibrium and naturally raise your energy levels, while moisturising for softer, supple skin. Apply straight to your skin as a body oil or add a few drops to your bath to transform the oil into a bath milk and then enjoy a long, restorative soak. The refreshing, invigorating blend of essential oils work together to hydrate your skin and elevate your mood, giving you a pep-up and leaving you feeling restored and energised in no time. It’s top-to-toe revival in a bottle!

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How to use it

As a Massage Oil

  • For an energising and moisturising massage pour a few drops of this beautiful oil into the palm of your hand. Smooth it into the skin using firm upward strokes in the direction towards the heart.

As a Bath Oil

  • For an uplifting bath, pour one capful under running water and agitate to mix in.

Note – it is always advisable to protect the floor or bed with an old towel to prevent splashes of oil.