Dual Act, 5oz

Our Best Wet & Dry Cleansing Lotion for Combination Skin

Multi-tasking wash off or tissue off cleanser for skin that can’t make up its mind if its oily, dry or simply normal.


Cleanses & balances

Clever - use wet or dry

Very clean & fresh skin

Great For

Combination skin that needs balancing.


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Product info

Wet & Dry Cleansing Lotion

A multi-tasking cleanser for skin that can’t make up its mind if it's oily, dry or simply normal. DUAL ACT is a highly intelligent formula that behaves as two cleansers in one by treating multiple skin types at the same time! It intuitively deals with an oily T-zone, whilst gently cleansing the drier areas of the face. It is perfect combination skincare for skin with a dual personality, leaving the whole face clean and smooth without being taut.

The gel-lotion texture contains the savvy CombidermTM complex, as well as Mediterranean extracts of tomato, marjoram, olive, apricot, grapefruit and wild yam, plus skin boosters and vitamins. What a great double-act performance!

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How to use it

Use on dry skin as a wipe-off lotion, or splash with water and lather it up when you feel like washing off the daily grime.

Every morning and night, apply about a 2cm squeeze of the cleanser into the palms of the hands and spread all over the face. Massage into face and neck using upward, circular movements. Remove with a damp, warm flannel. Alternatively, splash face with warm water and work into a light lather before rinsing clear with water.