Go Easy, 5oz

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Soothing and conditioning eye makeup remover that comfortably removes heavy or waterproof eye makeup. Suitable for sensitive skin.


Gentle | effective, refreshing and soothing | revives tired eyes | leaves skin feeling smooth, soft and fresh

Great For

All skin types including sensitive.


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Product info

This gentle eye makeup remover effectively removes eye makeup (even the waterproof types) without leaving a greasy residue. Its lightweight texture is specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eye and contains cornflower and glycerine to help cleanse and condition. With an incredibly refreshing and cooling formula, it gently removes all traces of eye make-up without irritation.

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How to use it

Use to remove all traces of eye make-up

Apply to cotton pads, hold over eye area for a minute and then gently wipe the lashes in a downward motion before wiping gently from the outer eye in. Be careful not to rub or drag the delicate skin as this can irritate eyes and contribute to wrinkles and fine lines. Use separate cotton pads for each eye.