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Everything you need in a luxury wash bag to make sure you’re feeling cleansed, refreshed and ready to face the world when you’re on the go!


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Product info

The perfect combination of skin-nourishing ingredients laced with Mediterranean botanicals and essential oils take the best care of your mind, body and soul wherever you find yourself. WAY TO GO | cleansing wash gel 50ml STUBBLE TROUBLE | soothing shave gel 50ml GOOD HAIR DAY | frequent use the shampoo 50ml IN GOOD CONDITION | everyday hair conditioner 50ml LA LA LAGOON | aromatic bath & shower gel 50ml PEACE BE STILL | calming skin balm 50ml AAAHHH! | soothing balm for aching feet & limbs 50ml PALM BALM | nourishing hand cream 50ml

How to use it

Use each product daily to keep you clean and nourished from top-to-toe. Keep your face fresh & clean with WAY TO GO. Have a sleek, precision shave with STUBBLE TROUBLE. Cleanse your hair with GOOD HAIR DAY and rinse clear. Follow with IN GOOD CONDITION. Chase away fatigue and lather up with refreshing LA LA LAGOON, Pat your skin dry and relax with an all-over body and face layer of PEACE BE STILL. Deeply nourish your hands with a layer of PALM BALM. Cool and refresh overworked legs & heavy muscles with a rub down with AAAHHH!