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Spa Aromatic Diffuser

Simply delicious Mediterranean aroma! An uplifting seasonal fragrance that transforms any space into the inviting ambience of a luxury spa.


Creates a comforting & inviting space | provides a long-lasting fragrance lift | embellishes & dresses any room with spa style

Great For

Infusing your home with the fragrance of the Mediterranean.


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Product info

Scent your space with this festive Mediterranean fragranced diffuser full of fresh clementine, lemon zest and top notes of delicate elderflower, a dash of lemon verbena and a splash of bergamot blended together with juniper berry. The result; an exquisite mélange of Mediterranean seasonal cheer.

How to use it

Unscrew the silver collar and remove the protective black disc from the bottle. Screw the silver collar back on.

  • Place the reeds into the diffuser bottle one at a time ensuring even distribution. Each reed soaks up the fragrance, diffusing into the air, leaving the air beautifully scented. Turn the reeds every 5 days to ensure constant throw of the fragrance.
  • Keep the protective disc in a safe place. Should you wish to move the diffuser at any time, be sure to remove the reeds, replace the disc & collar securely, and keep the reeds safe.
  • Always read warning advice on the product.