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Refreshing Grooming Essentials

Grab-and-go essentials. The complete top-to-toe grooming collection for men on the go.


smooth shave | soft & cleansed face | invigorated body | squeaky clean hair | the perfectly groomed man

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Men, all ages and all skin types


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Product info

The perfect grab and go kit for whatever you’re up to; use it at the gym, the locker room, staying home or going somewhere for the weekend. Designed to refresh, recharge energy levels and take control of your skin, hair and beard if you’ve got one. With this kit, we’ll always have you covered.


  • WAY TO GO | 100mL
  • PEACE BE STILL | 100mL

How to use it

Turn into a smooth operator in just 5 quick steps:

  • Keep your face fresh, clean and clear with WAY TO GO cleansing gel wash. Use daily to prep your skin for some close-up confidence or a close shave.
  • STUBBLE TROUBLE soothing shave gel is designed for a sleek, precision shave and thanks to the Mediterranean herbal extracts, it’s super gentle and reduces irritation, leaving your skin baby soft and smooth.
  • Early morning or late night, THE MULTI-TASKER hair and body wash lathers up, cleanses, refreshes and is sure to leave you feeling better all over.
  • Time for some skin TLC. PEACE BE STILL calming skin balm is a post-shave skin saviour but also takes care of body and hands too, keeping skin in tip-top condition 24/7.
  • Last step…a spritz of COOL, CALM & COLLECTED clear thinking cologne. Sensuous Mediterranean aromatics of warm, comforting woods and spices, topped off with fresh herbal botanicals that will leave you ready-to-go. Cool, calm and very collected.