Relaxing & Comforting Bubble Bath

A super creamy bubble bath hug that leaves you feeling dreamy and ready for sleep. The most luxurious restoring experience you’ll probably ever have.


leaves skin feeling smooth & silky | gentle & cared for skin | restored | abundant with aromatherapy essential oils for total relaxation

Great For

All skin types, a wind down before sleep


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Product info

Know those times when you’d like a pause button on life? RESTITUDE is your salvation when it’s time to take a break for some relaxing me-time.

This exquisite precious liquid transforms into creamy, effervescent bubbles that leave skin soft & clean and you restored & calm.

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How to use it

Draw yourself a lovely warm bath. Pour two capfuls of RESTITUDE under the running water and agitate to bubble-up.

Light a SIESTA FOREVER candle, put your favourite THE REPOSE SUITE relaxation CD on and sink down into the warm waters. Now dream…