Energising & Refreshing Double Act

A refreshing and invigorating duo, including the limited edition GOODNESS ME energising body lotion, that will leave your mind and skin feeling revived and zinging all over.


cleansed & gently polished skin | deeply moisturised body | revived mind, body & soul

Great For

Dry and lacklustre skin, a morning energy boost or a night-time pick-me-up


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Product info

When you need a little extra help to kick start your day, or long for an instant pick-me-up, this high-powered pair works hard to get you singing in the shower and lift your spirits. Bursting with energising and revitalising Mediterranean botanicals and aromas of grapefruit, ginger, lemon tea tree and water mint, you’ll be ready to PRESS PLAY in no time!


  • IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE | 200mL/6.7fl.oz.
  • GOODNESS ME | 150mL/5fl.oz.
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How to use it

Ready, Set ….Go!

Step under the shower and grab IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE energising shower scrub and massage into a skin-buffing lather. Feel the light exfoliating effect and deliciously zesty aroma awaken your senses. Rinse off and go in strength.

Rigorously pat your skin dry and finish with a layer of GOODNESS ME energising body lotion. Best applied in long, sweeping strokes up your body then breathe in the refreshing citrus aroma and press play!