Glint Light

Under Eye Concealer

Adjustable coverage concealer that hides dark circles, skin discolouration, imperfections and fine lines plus brings a bright radiant touch.


hides skin flaws | perfects and evens skin tone | won’t dry out your skin | hydrates as it conceals | brightens the appearance of skin

Great For

all skin types

What the independent trials say ...

95%agree this blends easily to cover the daily signs of fatigue

95%said the concealer glides onto the skin and has a lightweight feeling

93%of users agree this concealer helps cover dark circles & shadows under the eyes

88%of users agree this immediately improves their complexion & instantly covers imperfections


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Product info

An advanced formula that instantly camouflages dark circles, shadows and fine lines. Rich in anti-ageing pomegranate and raspberry oil it is an incredibly hydrating and beautifully smooth formula that is just the thing to banish tell-tale signs of fatigue and tiredness. The buildable, long-lasting coverage will brighten and awaken your under-eye area leaving you looking fresh and flawless regardless of how many hours you’ve slept. It will light up your face and jumpstart your complexion… in a jiffy. You really will see the light

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How to use it

  • Find a shadow, paint, pat and you’re good to go! Use as an under eye concealer by dispersing a small amount of the product into the applicator brush and gently patting under your eye to instantly refresh and revive. Smooth over with a clean fingertip.
  • It can also be used to conceal and even out those areas where shadows may occur (i.e. around the nose, hollow of chin) by lightly painting and patting the area with the applicator brush.
  • Tip: Glint has a very generous fill and make-up artist brush. Don’t over pump otherwise too much product will be dispensed.