Easy on the Eye

Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

Gentle yet effective eye make-up remover that also refreshes tired, gritty eyes.


Effective & quick eye cleanse

Soothes sore or itchy eyes

Fresh feeling & fragrance free

Great For

For tired eyes, keep in the fridge for an extra cooling treat.


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Product info

This gentle yet effective, fragrance-free formulation is clever with a dual purpose; it removes eye and brow make-up (even waterproof) and also refreshes tired, gritty eyes. Mediterranean botanical extracts of camelia tea, cornflower, eyebright and melissa combine with aloe gel in this super lightweight liquid to ensure your eyes are fresh, revitalised & soothed and your eye make-up completely gone.

How to use it

To remove eye make-up, apply to dampened cotton pads, press onto eyes for a few seconds and gently sweep in a downwards motion first and then again from the outer eye in. Use separate cotton pads for each eye. For tired eyes, apply to dampened cotton pads and lay over each eye. 10 seconds for instant refreshment and 5 minutes for a reviving 40 winks.