Work It Out

Detoxing Bath & Massage Oil

A bathing and massage oil in one that helps relieve muscle tension and warm aching bodies.


Detoxifies & deeply moisturies

Eases muscle tension

Improves circulation

Great For


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Product info

When toxins, cellulite, sluggish circulation and sore muscles have taken their toll, it’s time to WORK IT OUT. This detoxifying, warming, body massage oil will truly help reboot your system and work wonders on knots, tensions, tight muscles and best of all, help flush out those nasty toxins. A body boosting blend of 21 Mediterranean essential oils including juniper, clove, cypress, & thyme, renowned for their muscle soothing and detoxifying superpowers, in a lush base of natural oils - sesame, avocado, jojoba, kukui, grapeseed, soya bean, & grapefruit. Detox-licious!

How to use it

Use as a massage oil or pour two capfuls under warm running water for a detoxing and muscle-relaxing bath and let the essential oils go to work. For a daily skin-fitness workout, wake up your circulation first with GIVING IT THE BRUSH OFF then vigorously massage WORK IT OUT in circular motions, up the body towards the heart. Pay attention to the fatty zones and areas of knotted muscles and tension. Seal in the hardworking actives and help alleviate cellulite further with a layer of GO FIGURE. Note – it is always advisable to protect the floor or bed with an old towel to prevent splashes of oil.