EXCLUSIVELY DEVELOPED – each and every Temple Spa product is created by us and with us. We never just take a formula “off the shelf” but we work with the best of breed to give us the texture-aroma-performance objective of each product. There is a purpose to each product and each stands alone without duplication.

CREATION GIVEN – nature provides us with a plethora of botanicals and when formulating we’ll always visit first the provenance of The Mediterranean to find plant, fruit and legume extracts, many of which have a sustainable history of health benefits.

“You are what you eat” is a nutritional philosophy we believe in and since there is a close synergy between the stomach and the skin, it is interesting to see the positive effect of these ingredients on the complexion too.

RESULTS DRIVEN - texture and performance matter. We highly regard the place for derma-science, technical innovation and research; it has provided us with many remarkable ingredients that work synergistically with their natural counterparts and a combination of both gives us some pretty impressive products.