Toning Essence, 5oz

Alcohol-Free Face Toner Spray

An alcohol free facial toner.


Cools, refreshes | refines and tones | restores the natural pH balance of your skin | anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, calming and soothing

Great For

All skin types including sensitive.


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Product info

A beautiful tonic water, without alcohol, that will leave the skin clean, refreshed and rejuvenated. Wonderfully calming, soothing and full to the brim of goodness to ensure skin is refined, toned and hydrated.

Our favourite juice and salad recipes inspired the ingredient list; including many Mediterranean staples: tomatoes, basil, orange, lime, lemon, mandarin, ginger, lavender and melon which blend together to create a fragrance that transports you to sunnier climates!

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How to use it

The cleansing finale of your daily skincare routine. Toning removes deeply embedded debris and the final traces of cleanser, to leave skin squeaky clean and ready for your favourite moisturiser.

After cleansing to tone, refine and deep clean

  • After cleansing, apply2-3 sprays onto cotton wool and wipe over the skin to eliminate all traces of cleanser. Follow with your treatment serum or oil and moisturiser.

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    Makes my skin feel alive and glowing

    Have just started using this product and I will continue to keep it as part of my beauty regime. It makes my skin feel refreshed at the end of the day and seems to tighten it. All it takes is just a couple of quick sprays and I feel renewed. Thanks for adding this to your collection.

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