Exalt Neck Gel, 1.6oz

Neck Firming Cream Gel

Cream-gel lifting & tightening neck and d├ęcolletage treatment.


moisturises | improves skin smoothness | helps firm & tighten skin

Great For

All skin types including sensitive.


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Product info

This luscious neck cream gel has been created to tackle the rest of time!

Specially formulated using natural ingredients to deeply moisturise and improve skin smoothness, it has anti-ageing properties that protect against metabolic reactions that accelerate the ageing process. Best of all it contains ingredients chosen for their 'lifting' properties. It really is a non-surgical neck tuck! This formulation brings balance and youthfulness and who wouldn't want that?

EXALT contains oils of olive that display regenerative properties, making it perfect for a prematurely aged skin or simply someone trying to slow the ageing process. It has the ability to lock in moisture, helping to prevent trans-epidermal moisture loss which is an evaporation of precious moisture within the epidermis. Scientists have also found that olive oil stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin promoting a firmer younger looking skin. We think it is an invaluable ingredient and we are sure you will too!

  • Natural anti-ageing benefits
  • Locks in moisture, firms and regenerates
  • Luxurious, advanced formula that is ahead of it's time
  • Professional strength
  • Lightweight and non-sticky, with a elastic texture
  • Skin feels smooth, cool and soft almost immediately
  • Mediterranean botanicals, including a hint of essential oil of rose

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How to use it

As neck gel for both day and night

Use day or night after your daily cleansing ritual. Using a ring finger, dot a small amount of Exalt on the back of both hands, rotate to spread, then using the back of your hands, massage upwards and outwards in long strokes onto your neck and d├ęcolletage until fully absorbed. Your skin will feel incredibly soft and deeply enriched, and your hands will feel great too.