The Big Reveal, 1.6oz

Glycolic Resurfacing Face Peel

A high-tech glycolic facial peel that transforms dull needy skin into bright, radiant smooth skin in one minute.


Lifts away dead skin cells | smooth, soft, clearer skin | glowing complexion | liquid exfoliation

Great For

All skin types.


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Product info

Don’t you just hate it when you have somewhere to be and you don’t have time to look your best; well now you do! This state-of-the-art, re-surfacing treatment gel, offers a liquid facial in a flash. It miraculously lifts away dead skin cells and surface debris to leave the skin unbelievably smooth, clear and gloriously radiant. The advanced formula includes natural exfoliating ingredients plus a cocktail of botanicals to give you renewed luminosity. So take it away and let the glow begin!

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How to use it

As a ‘miracle’ prep before a special occasion or big event

  • Massage a thin layer onto clean, dry skin. Leave to dry for 50 seconds then work in circular motions until it rubs away, It rolls and threads like a spa professional gommage. (A gommage is a gentle, gel form of exfoliation that is nonabrasive) Cleanse face with a damp warm flannel.

As a weekly spa facial treatment to look simply fabulous

  • Tip: It is essential to pop the plug back into the nozzle to ensure any residual product doesn’t sit in the orifice and the pump remains airtight.