Breakfast Smoothie, 3.3oz

Everyday Exfoliator for All Skin Types

Brightening & skin smoothing facial scrub and mask in one.


invigorates & smoothes | polishes & brightens | hydrates & tones | helps improve skin elasticity

Great For

All skin types including sensitive.


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Product info

You know those times when your skin would love a facial but there’s just no time? This creamy-textured scrub mask is a nutritious alternative that cleanses and polishes, without upsetting the balance of your skin. Its non-abrasive texture gently removes dead skin cells to reveal a naturally bright complexion.

This scrub also doubles as a deep cleansing mask and just like a nutritious breakfast smoothie, it's packed full of delicious ingredients including oats, honey, strawberry juice, orange, papaya and pear juice that will soften and smooth skin. Whether you use it as your twice weekly exfoliator or as a weekly treatment mask, it will leave skin feeling fresh, invigorated, hydrated and smooth.

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How to use it

As a daily scrub

  • Apply to wet, clean skin and massage in using upward and outward circular movements. Rinse off after one minute.

As a weekly mask treatment

  • The perfect quick treatment when you don’t have time for a long facial, this mask gives you a nutritious alternative that cleanses and polishes in one revealing hydrated, radiant skin.
  • Apply to wet, clean skin firstly massage in using upward and outward circular movements then leave to dry for 15-20 minutes and relax. Remove with a warm damp flannel.