The Power Breakfast, 2.9oz

Deep Cleansing & Resurfacing Face Scrub & Mask

A nutritious multi-tasking treatment that’s a scrub and mask in one.


Gently dissolves dead skin cells to polish skin | softens and brightens | decongests, purifies & tones | encourages cell renewal | balances combination skin

Great For

Combination skin that needs balancing.

What the independent trials say ...

96%agree this mask leaves my skin feeling soft

88%agree this mask brightens, revitalises & replenishes the skin

86%agree this purifies & tones the skin


Availability: Coming Soon

Product info

How great do you feel when your day starts with a really healthy breakfast? Then kick off your day with Power Breakfast, this scrub-mask is formulated with the same ingredients; oats, honey, fruit and juice to gently dissolve dead skin cells, polishes, and brightens even the dullest of complexions.

It's a nutritious scrub and face mask in one so can be used as a quick one minute scrub or a twenty minute mask to balance, nourish and restore. Your skin can reap the benefits from the most important meal of the day.

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How to use it

Use as a quick scrub to exfoliate and soften

  • After cleansing, splash the face with water and whilst still a little wet, use the spatula to scoop up a pea-sized amount onto forehead, cheeks and under the chin.
  • Using small circular, upward and outward movement, massage it into your face and neck, avoiding the eyes. After a minute or so, wash off with warm water until all traces are removed.
  • Follow with Toning Essence and Moisture To Go.