Absolute Truffle

The Crème De La Crème Award Winning Skin Collection

A celebration for the skin! The ultimate Truffle collection to treat and moisturise your skin for a radiant, rejuvenated appearance.


deeply moisturises | smoothes fine lines & wrinkles | revives tired & dull skin immediately | instant skin lustre

Great For

Dry, lacklustre skin, tired looking skin or radiance seekers.


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Product info

Take your skincare regime to a whole new level with this uber luxe collection of award-winners. Round-the-clock facial radiance and regeneration at your fingertips. Black summer truffles, champagne, cocoa and strawberry extract all rich in antioxidants combine with miracle peptides and clever ingredients that together deliver results. A veritable facial feast!


  • TRUFFLESQUE | 15mL/0.5fl.oz.
  • SKIN TRUFFLE | 15mL/0.5fl.oz.
  • TRUFFLE NOIR | 15mL/0.5fl.oz.
  • EYE TRUFFLE | 5mL/0.16fl.oz.
  • TRUFFLELIXIR | 10mL/0.3fl.oz.

How to use it

Discover how to transform your skin & make it glow:

  • Paint your clean face gold with TRUFFLESQUE ultra hydration & radiance masque and in 20 minutes, your skin will be radiant, hydrated, smooth and plump.
  • Treat your skin to a daily dose of deep cell hydration and skin-smoothing genius with TRUFFLELIXIR super luxe serum.
  • EYE TRUFFLE complete eye rejuvenation, applied around your eyes in a figure of eight, will deeply hydrate, smooth laughter lines and improve dark circles for a more youthful look.
  • The crème de la crème of moisturisers SKIN TRUFFLE total facial radiance is your daily radiance rejuvenator and TRUFFLE NOIR 24-hour skin rejuvenation takes on the night shift to ensure you wake with regenerated skin.