Truffle Noir, 1.6oz

24-Hour Moisturiser

A luxury, skin renewing moisturiser that works day and night to give radiant, firmer, smoother skin 


Prevents the appearance of fine lines

Brightens & tones skin

Hydrates & firms

Great For

Dry, lacklustre skin.

What the independent trials say ...

96%said that the moisturiser left their skin feeling hydrated

92%said that the moisturiser left their skin feeling immediately smooth and instantly hydrated

80%said that the moisturiser left their skin feeling firmer


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Product info

Serious facial rejuvenation is a 24/7 investment.

If you already love Temple Spa’s award winning Skin Truffle, then you'll find Truffle Noir to be its perfect partner, enabling around the clock restoration. Nocturne, a beautiful word meaning “evening fixture” well describes this stunning formula that leaves the skin feeling like pure cashmere.

Here’s the problem. Hectic lifestyles, stress and fatigue really take their toll on our complexion and it starts to look dull and tired.

Here’s the antidote -- Truffle Noir, particularly designed to do night duty on your skin while you sleep. We combined brilliant science with turbo charged ingredients to create a luxury formula with an amazing texture.

For men, Truffle Noir has a handsome satin-matte finish on the skin being ideal for their daytime regime.

  • Helps the skin ‘help itself’ by promoting its natural ability to replenish
  • Easily absorbed, non-greasy formula
  • Leaves skin feeling soft with a satin-matte finish
  • The overnight partner to Skin Truffle
  • The must-have boosting treatment for the night before a special occasion

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How to use it

A luxury, skin-renewing, anti-ageing moisturiser that works day and night to give radiant, firmer, smoother skin.

Truffle Noir is a luxurious moisturiser with an ultra-smooth skin touch that gives instant hydrating results by day and performs miracle-working night duty whilst you sleep! It fuses high-performance actives with luxury celebration ingredients, black truffles, platinum, silk, and champagne. Further turbo-charged with hematite, (a powerful antioxidant) and complexes Deepsane™ and Moist-24™ to leave skin looking and feeling younger. The ultimate skin investment!